The Byre At Inchyra: 10 Reasons To Choose This Wedding Venue

The Byre At Inchyra

The Byre At Inchyra is a converted cowshed on the Inchyra Estate.

And whilst that may not sound particularly glamorous, it has become a very popular place to get married.

Originally constructed in 1877, Lord and Lady Inchyra performed a complete transformation of the building in 2014.

Modern amenities have been installed, however the original charm and character has not been lost.

Today the order books are filling up fast, and when you get to know The Byre At Inchyra, it’s easy to see why.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Byre At Inchyra Location

The Byre At Inchyra Location

In terms of access, The Byre At Inchyra has the perfect location.

It’s just off the A90 and only 15 minutes from Perth by car.

Dundee, Stirling, and Edinburgh are all less than an hour away too.

There is parking on site for up to 200 cars, and large coaches are no problem either.

Practical stuff out the way, it’s also a pretty part of Scotland.

The Inchyra Estate’s parkland is very scenic, with beautiful forests and manicured lawns.

Being situated on the east coast, you’ll have a higher probability of sunshine as well.

The Byre At Inchyra Exclusive Use

The Byre At Inchyra Exclusive Use

It probably goes without saying that The Byre At Inchyra is exclusive use.

There simply wouldn’t be the space to have two functions on at the same time.

But rest assured that there will be no other weddings anywhere on the estate, including in Inchyra House.

So no other brides stealing your thunder, and no strangers interrupting your privacy.

Just you, your guests, and your chosen wedding suppliers of course.

The Byre At Inchyra

The Byre At Inchyra Byre

The Byre At Inchyra has three key areas.

The upper byre, which is ideal for your dinner reception.

The lower byre, which works perfectly as a dance floor.

And the stable room, which is great for indoor ceremonies.

Original features are everywhere, including walls made from sandstone, and beautiful vaulted timber ceilings.

The sprung maple wood floors were actually reclaimed from the Kelvingrove Museum, and are perfect for a ceilidh.

You also have state of the art kitchen facilities, a sound system, a moveable bar, and toilets.

The owners are very flexible in allowing you to do what you want, and invite you to think of The Byre At Inchyra as a blank canvas, on which you can apply your own tastes and preferences.

The Byre At Inchyra Ceremony

The Byre At Inchyra Ceremony

The Byre At Inchyra provides a number of indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony.

The rustic stable room can be decorated with flowers and wall art, and can seat up to 100 guests.

If you require more indoor space, the upper and lower byre can provide seating for 180 guests.

Weather permitting, the beautiful Perthshire countryside can provide all the decoration you need.

From the secret walled garden, to the woven willow moon gate, or just anywhere on the estate.

A church wedding is also possible, as there are a few in close proximity.

The Byre At Inchyra Reception

The Byre At Inchyra Reception

Your drinks reception can be had outside on the manicured lawns, or inside the barn if you would prefer.

It is possible to attach a small marquee creating an additional reception area, although there is plenty of room without it.

The upper byre can seat up to 150 guests for dinner, leaving the lower byre purely as a dance floor.

This 1,300 square feet sprung wooden floored area is perfect for a ceilidh.

Lord Inchyra worked in the music industry before inheriting the estate, so the lighting and sound system is fantastic.

You could also use the lower byre for additional seating, which expands the dinner capacity to a massive 200 guests.

The Byre At Inchyra Accommodation

The Byre At Inchyra Accommodation

There is accommodation at The Byre At Inchyra, however it’s in the form of two cottages, which sleep a maximum of six guests each.

That is unless you go for the 50 person “glamping” option.

The stable cottage, which was originally built for the head groom, has one double bedroom, and two twin bedrooms.

The garden cottage, which is hidden behind the walled garden, also has one double bedroom, and two twin bedrooms.

Both have been fully restored, and are ideal for the night before, giving the groom a great place to get ready.

There are hotels in the area too.

The Byre At Inchyra Catering

The Byre At Inchyra Catering

Catering is not handled internally at The Byre At Inchyra, however they do insist that you use one of their approved caterers.

There is a fully equipped kitchen onsite, and it’s better that a team who is familiar with the facilities is chosen.

Don’t worry though, all the caterers on the list are fabulous, and you will find menus and prices to suit all tastes and budgets.

Most of them provide a dedicated events manger to help run the day too.

The Byre At Inchyra Grounds

The Byre At Inchyra Grounds

There are 150 acres of rolling Scottish countryside to explore at The Byre At Inchyra.

This includes manicured lawns, parkland, and the beautiful Victorian walled garden, with its aisle of apple trees.

It used to be the kitchen garden for Inchyra House, but now it’s the ideal location for wedding photography.

Teeming with beauty and character, your photographer will have no problem finding stunning backdrops.

It’s also a lovely place to enjoy the outdoors and go for a quiet walk.

The Byre At Inchyra Bridal Suite

The Byre At Inchyra Bridal Suite

If you choose to get married at The Byre At Inchyra, they will provide you with a bridal day room in Inchyra House.

Located on the first floor of the 18th century mansion, this exquisite place creates a real sense of occasion.

There’s plenty of room for the bridal party and support team, and the double aspect sash windows provide lots of light for preparation photographs.

A fridge has also been installed to chill the champagne.

The Byre At Inchyra Bar

The Byre At Inchyra Bar

There’s a beautiful rustic wooden bar at The Byre At Inchyra, and it can be positioned anywhere you like.

You can get one of the caterers to provide the bar service, and they will stock which ever beverages you require.

This could be anything from simple beers and wines, to cocktails and single malt whiskies.

Either way your guests will love this charming addition to the package.

The Byre At Inchyra Conclusion

The Byre At Inchyra Conclusion

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider The Byre At Inchyra as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for a beautiful 19th century converted barn, in a convenient country setting, with a stunning walled garden, and wonderful outdoor ceremony options; then The Byre At Inchyra just might be the place for you.

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You can also find The Byre At Inchyra’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.