Murthly Castle: 10 Reasons To Choose This Scottish Wedding Venue

Murthly Castle, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

There is no shortage of castle wedding venues in Scotland, however Murthly Castle has some unique features which really make it stand out.

First of all there’s the Chapel of St. Anthony the Eremite, a stunning private church where you can have your ceremony.

And then there’s the beautiful walled garden, which is large enough to put up a marquee and create a nice secluded space for your reception.

Finally you have the ancient castle, which can be used for ceremonies, receptions, or just as a stunning backdrop.

Let’s take a closer look at what a Murthly Castle wedding would be like.

Murthly Castle Location

Murthly Castle Location, Wedding Venues Perth And Kinross

One of the best things about wedding venues in Perth and Kinross, especially the ones close to Perth, is their proximity to most of Scotland’s cities.

Murthly Castle is located close to the village of Dunkeld, and with the exception of Inverness can be driven to from every Scottish city in less than 90 minutes.

Perth is the closest at 12 miles, with a journey time of approximately 25 minutes.

When you arrive you will find ample onsite parking for your guests.

And if you are considering putting on transportation, large vehicle access is not a problem.

Murthly Castle Setting

Murthly Castle Setting, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

Murthly Castle has the ideal setting for getting away from it all, and relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

You’ll be able to enjoy stunning views over the River Tay, and all the tranquility that the rolling Scottish countryside has to offer.

This is a private family home too and is not open to the public, so there will be no other events or visitors on the day of your wedding.

In addition to the privacy and tranquility, you will be given two full days to set things up.

And because they host a maximum of 12 weddings per year, this place is pretty exclusive too.

Murthly Castle

Murthly Castle Castle, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

Once a royal hunting lodge and dating back to the 15th century, Murthly Castle is now largely used as a family home.

You will have access to the Music Room and Dining Room, which are ideal for smaller ceremonies, receptions, and wedding photographs.

However it is entirely possible to have your wedding here, without using the castle at all.

The other building located on the estate is the Chapel of St. Anthony the Eremite.

This simply jaw dropping private church can be used for ceremonies of course, but again there are other options so you don’t have to use it.

Murthly Castle Accommodation

Murthly Castle Accommodation, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Meiklour Arms

Sadly there is no accommodation at Murthly Castle, however there are plenty of alternatives close by.

The villages of Dunkeld and Birnam are minutes away, and they have numerous options ranging from 5 star hotels to little B&Bs.

There are also some lovely country house hotels in the surrounding area too.

For the bride and groom, the castle has a nice day room complete with ensuite bathroom.

This could come in handy if you want to change your outfit during the day.

Murthly Castle Ceremony

Murthly Castle Ceremony, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

Perhaps Murthly Castle’s most unique selling point, is the Chapel of St. Anthony the Eremite.

Located within the grounds, this 16th century private church can seat up to 220 guests for both religious and humanist ceremonies.

The building itself is sheltered by yews and Douglas firs, and the stunning interior has beautiful vaulted ceilings.

Alternatively you could have your ceremony in the walled garden, or in either the Music Room or the Victorian Dining Room.

The beautiful rooms in the castle can only hold a maximum of 60 guests, but are ideal if you want an indoor civil ceremony.

Murthly Castle Reception

Murthly Castle Reception, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

The most popular choice for receptions at Murthly Castle, is a marquee inside the walled garden.

This wide expansive space gives you so much room, and is an exciting place to go exploring.

Original features have been retained, such as the summerhouse, water fountain, and yew and box hedges.

And the views back towards the castle create a real sense of occasion.

For smaller receptions of 60 guests or less, the elegant Music Room which was styled on the Palace of Versailles, or the Victorian Dining Room with its hammer-beamed ceiling studded with golden bees can be used.

Although this significantly reduces your capacity, making use of the castle rooms means you won’t have to pay for a marquee.

Murthly Castle Catering

Murthly Castle Catering, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

You are free to choose your own caterer at Murthly Castle, although they can make recommendations to give you some help.

It’s always good practice to select someone who has worked at the venue before, so that they are well aware of what’s required.

In addition to providing the food, your caterer will also be responsible for setting up the bar.

Whether you can bring your own drinks or not, will depend on the supplier you go for.

Rest assured though, that there are plenty of high quality caterers in Perth and Kinross.

Murthly Castle Grounds

Murthly Castle Grounds, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

The 17th century walled garden is all the grounds you’ll need at Murthly Castle, especially when it’s complimented by fantastic views across Highland Perthshire.

However there are some other beautiful and interesting areas of Murthly Estate, such as the long drive featuring some of the tallest trees in Scotland.

The walk from the castle to the Chapel of St. Anthony the Eremite is especially nice, allowing your guests to enjoy some fresh air and the wonderful scenery.

When it comes to your wedding photographs, the walled garden will provide backdrops that every photographer will love.

And should the weather turn against you, the castle interiors are also great for some indoor shots.

Murthly Castle Unique Feature

Murthly Castle Tours, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

Although Murthly Castle is a family home, there are plenty of activities available on the estate including traditional country sports such as fishing.

There are some wonderful trails for walking and mountain biking, where you are bound to spot iconic Scottish wildlife like the red squirrel and the osprey.

Perhaps more appropriate for your wedding day, you can organise tours of the castle for your guests.

This could be really fun for the period of time you are away with your wedding photographer.

Murthly Castle Wedding Prices

Murthly Castle Wedding Prices, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

For accurate Murthly Castle wedding prices, you should contact the venue directly.

Their wedding packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

However to give you an approximate Murthly Castle wedding cost:

  • Chapel & Murthly Castle (ceremony & reception), price £4,500.
  • Chapel & Walled Garden (ceremony & reception), price £3,800 (marquee not included).

The prices above are for a summer weekend.

Winter and midweek weddings could cost less.

Murthly Castle Conclusion

Murthly Castle Conclusion, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Murthly Estate

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider Murthly Castle as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for a private castle, in a secluded location, with a stunning private chapel, and a walled garden suitable for a marquee; then Murthly Castle just might be the place for you.

Whilst you are here, you should take a look at some of the other wedding venues in Scotland, featured on White Rose.

You can also find Murthly Castle’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.