Mount Stuart: 10 Reasons To Choose This Scottish Wedding Venue

Mount Stuart, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart is without question one of the most unique wedding venues in Scotland.

Situated on the secluded and stunning Isle of Bute, this 19th century Neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece has a variety of reception spaces which have to be seen to be believed.

From the Marble Chapel for your ceremony to the Marble Hall for your reception, this place is quite simply jaw dropping.

The grounds are vast and spectacular, and you can even sleep up to 37 guests in this remarkable palace.

And would you believe that the entire estate can be taken exclusively.

Let’s take a closer look at what a Mount Stuart wedding would be like.

Mount Stuart Location

Mount Stuart Location, Wedding Venues Scotland

There are a variety of beautiful wedding venues in Argyll and Bute, with Mount Stuart amongst the most special.

Located on the Isle of Bute, Glasgow is only 45 miles away; however due to the ferry crossing, the journey time is approximately 2 hours.

Once you arrive though, you will no doubt feel that the trip was worth the effort.

There is plenty of onsite parking for you and your guests, and should you be making use of large coaches the access is good.

Mount Stuart Setting

Mount Stuart Setting, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

Everything about the setting of Mount Stuart feels special.

You are on an island for starters, so you get a real sense of seclusion.

And with the west coast of Scotland known for its beauty, you are guaranteed scenery like no other.

Unique is a word that probably gets overused, however this place genuinely is unique.

The atmosphere is very romantic, with the stunning estate giving you a real slice of paradise.

And if privacy is a major concern, you’ll be happy to hear that this can be an exclusive use wedding venue.

You’ll need very deep pockets though!

Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart House, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart was built by the 3rd Marquess of Bute in 1880, and is perhaps the best example of Victorian Neo-Gothic architecture in the world.

Construction lasted for 32 years, using more marble than any other structure in Britain, and still to this day is unfinished.

It is believed to be the first house in the world to have a heated indoor swimming pool, which you can use, and the first in Scotland to be built with electricity, central heating, a telephone, and a lift.

The interiors are extraordinarily beautiful, with the most fabulous intricate details, art, antiques, and ancient books.

And with so much space the Bride can be sipping champagne and getting ready in the Horoscope Room, whilst the Groom relaxes over a game of billiards in the Billiard Room.

Mount Stuart Accommodation

Mount Stuart Accommodation, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart can sleep up to 37 people, spread across 22 bedrooms.

And to say that the accommodation is luxurious, would be a massive understatement.

You have the Gallery which contains 6 double bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms.

Then there’s the Nursery, with a further 2 double bedrooms.

The remainder of the house has: 2 doubles; 3 twins; 8 singles; and 1 triple.

But it’s the Horoscope Bridal Suite that defies belief.

This opulent bedroom is designed around the cosmos, with a night sky ceiling and a glass house garden terrace.

Just imagine walking through the marble archways, into a conservatory filled with exotic greenery and flowers, and sitting down to breakfast.

For further accommodation, the estate has 6 separate properties which can sleep up to 36 guests.

Mount Stuart Ceremony

Mount Stuart Ceremony, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

There are 7 different locations licensed for ceremonies at Mount Stuart, both inside the palace and outside in the grounds:

  • Marble Chapel (seats 200).
  • Marble Hall (seats 200).
  • Drawing Room (seats 50).
  • Purple Sitting Room (seats 30).
  • Front Lawn (seats 200).
  • Rock Garden (seats 50).
  • Wee Garden (seats 50).

Religious and humanist ceremonies can be held in the Marble Chapel, with civil ceremonies possible in the other locations.

And it is the Marble Chapel which attracts the most attention.

Lined with the purest white Carrara Marble, and with light streaming in from the ruby red glass of the clerestory, this room is absolutely breathtaking.

If you would prefer to get married alfresco, then all of the gardens and grounds are stunning.

However the west coast is not known for its dry weather.

Mount Stuart Reception

Mount Stuart Reception, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

There are 3 different locations for your dinner reception at Mount Stuart:

  • Marble Hall (seats 200).
  • Dining Room (seats 50).
  • Purple Sitting Room (seats 30).

With your drinks reception possible in either the magnificent Drawing Room, or outside in the gardens.

The Marble Hall is the most popular choice with its vaulted ceiling rising to 80 feet, and its silver stars constellation.

Each of the stained glass windows represents a sign of the zodiac, and the architecture is a mixture of the palaces of Greece and the cathedrals of Europe.

Just imagine entering from the sweeping marble staircase.

After your dinner the Marble Hall can be transformed into a dance floor, and you can enjoy your first dance under the star studded ceiling.

If you would prefer something more intimate, the wood panelled Dining Room with its bright windows and beautiful chandeliers would be every bit as spectacular.

Mount Stuart Catering

Mount Stuart Catering, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

The catering is handled internally at Mount Stuart.

Using the freshest local produce, their chefs will work with you to create the menu of your choice.

Whether it be an exquisite five course meal or a rustic Victorian banquet, anything and everything is possible.

The estate has its own Kitchen Garden, so much of the fruit and vegetables are grown on site.

With the Home Farms providing the beef, and wild game coming from the grounds.

Being an island, the Isle of Bute also has a fantastic supply of fresh fish.

When it comes to the drinks, there is a fabulous wine list for you to select from.

Mount Stuart Grounds

Mount Stuart Grounds, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

The Mount Stuart Estate used to extend to over 50,000 acres, however today it is a more modest 300 acres.

Even so the gardens and grounds are spectacular, with a fantastic collection of native and exotica flora.

Take a gentle stroll through the woods full of broad leaf and confer, and find your way to the shoreline where you can walk along the beach.

Or perhaps take a look at the Rock and Wee garden’s, each with their own distinct personalities, ideal for relaxation and contemplation.

When it comes to your wedding photos, dramatic backdrops can be found everywhere you look.

Whether its the beautiful gardens, the panoramic sea views, or the striking palace.

Your photographer is going to be thanking you.

Mount Stuart Unique Feature

Mount Stuart Fireworks, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart has so many unique features, it really is quite difficult to choose just one.

The Victorian indoor swimming pool, which you will have access too, is certainly worth mentioning.

As are the private tours of the palace, you can arrange for your guests during your drinks reception.

I’m sure a number of people would be interested to learn about the estates incredible history.

Perhaps more relevant to the celebrations though, is the ability to put on a spectacular fireworks display.

Not all wedding venues can do this due to the noise, however I think it would be a fantastic way to end your special day.

Mount Stuart Wedding Prices

Mount Stuart Wedding Prices, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

For accurate Mount Stuart wedding prices, you should contact the venue directly.

Their wedding packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

However to give you an approximate Mount Stuart wedding cost:

  • Marble Chapel (ceremony), price £3,240.
  • Front Lawn (ceremony), price £1,320.
  • Marble Hall (reception), price £7,560.
  • Dining Room (reception), price £3,240.
  • Gallery (sleeps 12), price £6,000.
  • Exclusive use of Mount Stuart (sleeps 37), price £24,000.

The prices above are for a summer weekend.

Winter and midweek weddings could cost less.

Mount Stuart Conclusion

Mount Stuart Conclusion, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Mount Stuart

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider Mount Stuart as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for the ultimate exclusive use palace, located on a stunning and secluded Scottish island, with the most spectacular rooms for your ceremony and reception, and unique accommodation for 37 guests; then Mount Stuart just might be the place for you.

Whilst you are here, you should take a look at some of the other wedding venues in Scotland, featured on White Rose.

You can also find Mount Stuart’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.