Kinnettles Castle: 10 Reasons To Choose This Wedding Venue

Kinnettles Castle

Kinnettles Castle is currently undergoing a lavish makeover, with the goal of creating one of Scotlands best wedding venues.

And if the interior looks half as good as the exterior, then I think they might be onto something.

All castles have a charm and mystery, that makes them special places for hosting celebrations.

But what makes Kinnettles Castle unique?

Well let me show you with 10 reasons to choose this wedding venue.

Kinnettles Castle Location

Kinnettles Castle Location

Kinnettles Castle is actually located very close to Glamis Castle.

Glamis Castle being the childhood home of the Queen Mother.

So you can imagine this is a very nice part of Scotland.

It’s also a convenient part of Scotland, with Dundee less than 25 minutes away.

Aberdeen and Perth can also be reached in less than an hour.

On arrival you will be met by a sweeping driveway, that leads you right up to the stunning stately home.

The views are very picturesque, and the environment pleasantly peaceful.

It’s a great spot.

Kinnettles Castle Exclusive Use

Whilst it may be big enough, Kinnettles Castle does not function as a hotel.

As a result you will need to take the entire property exclusively for at least one night.

Putting the cost aside, this is an absolutely fantastic option.

You, your friends, and your family will be able to use the place as a private retreat.

No strangers to interrupt the tranquility.

Of course the Kinnettles Castle team will be on hand to cater to your every need.

Leaving you to just sit back and relax.

Kinnettles Castle History

The history of Kinnettles Castle is a little bit muddled, largely because it has had so many owners.

Sometime in the 15th century, King Robert III granted Alexander Strachan lands in Forfar.

It became known at the Kinnettles Estate.

In the 16th century ownership passed to the Lindsays, who would keep possession for 200 years.

They built a modest two story property on the land in 1678.

The estate then changed hands a couple of times, with John Aberdein Harvey eventually buying it in 1802.

He built a second property on the land.

Finally in 1864 James Paterson took possession, knocking down the two existing houses, and building the castle we see today.

History might not be your thing, but I think knowing a little adds to the charm of the place.

Kinnettles Castle

From the outside the castle is straight out of a fairytale, with beautiful turrets and towers.

The interior is currently being upgraded, but even in its present state you can see the potential.

A grand entrance leads to a beautiful reception area, with a sweeping staircase going up to the bedrooms.

Downstairs you have the lounge, which retains many original features including ornate plasterwork and an open fireplace.

With beautiful views from its large windows, it’s a great place to relax and socialise.

You also have the dining room with banqueting table.

This homely yet decadent room is of course ideal for breakfast and evening meals.

Hidden in the basement is a secret wine cellar, ideal for a tasting session.

There is also a great billiard room.

What a perfect place to spend your weekend exploring.

Kinnettles Castle Accommodation

There are 11 beautiful double bedrooms in Kinnettles Castle.

And with further beds added, some of them can accommodate up to 6 people.

This brings the maximum capacity to 39 overnight guests, although I suspect that would be a bit of a squeeze.

All of the rooms are unique in their size and location.

Plus once the refurbishment is complete, they are all likely to be spectacular.

Kinnettles Castle Ceremony

There are a number of options available for your ceremony at Kinnettles Castle.

Inside you have the elegant dining room, which is beautifully decorated and has plenty of light streaming in.

If you are willing to brave the elements, the large terrace with views over the hills is a popular choice.

It will certainly give you a bit more space, and your guests will have an incredible vista.

Finally a decadent marquee can be put up on the grounds, giving you maximum capacity and flexibility.

Kinnettles Castle Reception

For your reception the marquee is absolutely perfect.

Its soft white interior and elegant chandeliers, give you a great canvas to work with.

Being attached to the castle provides that extra bit of convenience too.

Layouts can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and up to 140 guests can be seated comfortably.

The doors to the marquee also open onto a secluded outdoor seating area.

It’s a perfect place to relax and watch the sun go down.

Kinnettles Castle Catering

Kinnettles Castle has recently struck a deal with Adam Newth; chef at The Tayberry Restaurant in Broughty Ferry.

Adam and his team have agreed to work between both venues.

Trained at multiple Michelin Star restaurants and with a long list of awards, you can feel confident that Mr Newth knows what he’s doing.

Three menus have been carefully created: The Noble (£79pp); The Imperial (£99pp); and The Stately (£109pp).

Each one as unique and as memorable as the other.

Should you choose to host your wedding at Kinnettles Castle, a tasting session can be organised for you to sample the cuisine.

Kinnettles Castle Estate

The Kinnettles Castle Estate has shrunk somewhat in recent years, however there are still 44 acres to explore.

This really is a beautiful part of Scotland, with rolling countryside and wildlife everywhere.

Take a gentle stroll, and if you are lucky you might spot some roe deer, red squirrels, or even a golden eagle.

Hiking is very popular in the area too, especially in Glen Clova.

Activities can be organised, such as shooting, fishing, golfing, or perhaps a helicopter tour.

You should really make a weekend out of it, and take full advantage of the estate.

Kinnettles Castle Wedding Packages

Wedding packages are always difficult to pin down, as prices change regularly and the time of year can make a big difference.

However to give you a rough idea, one night fully exclusive with breakfast costs around £7,000.

Two nights, which includes a pre wedding meal, costs around £9,500.

These are peak season weekend prices though, and you will find it can be up to £2,500 cheaper.

Kinnettles Castle Conclusion

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider Kinnettles Castle as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for an exclusive use castle, with accommodation for 39 guests, award winning catering, and newly refurbished interiors; then Kinnettles Castle just might be the place for you.

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You can also find Kinnettles Castle’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.