Fasque Castle: 10 Reasons To Choose This Scottish Wedding Venue

Fasque Castle, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

Fasque Castle is without question, one of the best exclusive use wedding venues in Scotland.

It was on the shortlist when my sister got married, however Logie Country House took the gold medal on that day.

Largely due to cost, as Fasque Castle can be as much as £9,000 per night to hire.

But if your pockets are deep enough, what would this fantastic place be like to host your celebration.

Let’s take a closer look at what a Fasque Castle wedding would be like.

Fasque Castle Location

Fasque Castle Location, Wedding Venues Aberdeenshire

Fasque Castle claims to have a highland location, which might be a fraction ambitious.

Either way though, you will get to enjoy all the beauty and tranquility of the Scottish countryside.

Aberdeen is only 35 miles away, and Dundee is slightly further at 38 miles.

This will make transporting guests from major cities quick and pleasant.

And once you arrive, the winding 18th century tree lined drive, will lead you right up to the striking property.

This has to be one of the best castle wedding venues in Aberdeenshire.

Fasque Castle Setting

Fasque Castle Setting, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

This is really what you are paying for, and in my opinion what makes this place so special.

Yes there are other exclusive use wedding venues, but this one is so grand, palatial in fact.

It makes me think of Madonna getting married at Skibo Castle.

Just imagine you, your family, and your friends, living like the aristocracy for the weekend.

In complete privacy, away from the prying eyes of all those commoners.

The experience is guaranteed to be very special.

Fasque Castle

Fasque Castle Castle, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

The castle itself actually has quite an interesting history.

It was built by the Ramsay family in 1809, taking 10 years to complete, and costing £30,000.

However in 1829, running short on money, they sold it to the Gladstone family for £80,000.

Amongst the Gladstone family members, was four time Prime Minister William Gladstone.

The house was passed down from generation to generation, sometimes going through periods of disuse, or being opened to the public, until it was bought by the present owners in 2010.

They have since spent, what looks like a small fortune, refurbishing Fasque Castle into what you see today.

And what you see is, something which blends the traditional and the modern, with a perfect balance of both opulence and comfort.

It’s quite simply stunning.

Fasque Castle Accommodation

Fasque Castle Accommodation, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

Of course, one of the great things about a castle is, plenty of room for everyone.

There are no less than 19 bedrooms in the main building.

Each of which is sumptuously decorated, with beautiful little details.

It all feels very luxurious, finished to a high standard, and extremely comfortable.

In addition to the castle, there are also 4 cottages on the estate, providing a further 10 beds.

Housekeeping is included, however the cottages are not part of the exclusive use price.

Fasque Castle Ceremony

Fasque Castle Ceremony, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

Like so many of these old estates, Fasque Castle actually has its own church.

The 150 year old Episcopalian building is a short walk from the main house, and can seat up to 100 guests.

It does have an active congregation, so you will have to seek the correct approval.

Your other options are the Castle Main Hall, directly in front of the beautiful staircase.

This is a large and light room, which is 25 meters long and 6 meters wide.

Or if you are willing to brave the elements, there are a number of outdoor options, including the walled garden.

Fasque Castle Reception

Fasque Castle Reception, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

With regards to your reception at Fasque Castle, there is the Dining Room which can seat up to 50 guests.

You are more likely to use this space for other meals throughout the weekend however.

The Drawing Room, or the Banquet Hall as it is sometimes called, is much more suitable, with a capacity of up to 120 dinner guests and 200 evening guests.

Situated on the first floor, the room is light and spacious, with large windows overlooking the gardens and grounds.

It is beautifully decorated, featuring two open fireplaces, and gives you a great canvas on which to add your own touches.

Fasque Castle Catering

Fasque Castle Catering, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

A full Scottish breakfast will be served to you and your guests every morning at Fasque Castle.

In addition to this, there is a working kitchen and BBQ facilities, for you and the caterers to make use of.

Sinclair’s Catering is the trusted partner responsible for your reception meal.

From elegant fine dining banquets, to more casual buffets, they can provide it all.

Menus are created in consultation with you, and Sinclair’s will work hard to give you exactly what you want.

Fasque Castle Grounds

Fasque Castle Grounds, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

The original Fasque Castle estate had over 80,000 acres, however that has been trimmed down to 400 acres today.

You and your guests will be able to enjoy beautiful strolls through landscaped grounds and gardens.

Keep an eye out for the variety of Scottish wildlife, including herds of deer, otters, eagles, squirrels, and woodpeckers.

There is also a nice walled garden.

Activities can be arranged on the estate, such as clay pigeon shooting, and of course the picturesque landscapes make for great photo opportunities.

Fasque Castle Unique Feature

Fasque Castle Powder Room, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

When considering accommodation, you always want to be sure that the bride has somewhere spacious to get ready.

Bridesmaids, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, all need to squeeze into the same room during preparation.

Well not only does Fasque Castle provide large bedroom suits to make this possible.

It also has an independent Powder Room, which can be used as a staging area.

In addition to this Fasque Castle also has a number of reception rooms.

Two of my favourites are the Bar and the Billiard Room, although all of them are beautiful.

The Bar with its wood burning fire and rich purple decor, is an excellent place to relax and enjoy a whisky.

And the Billiard Room with its vintage map wallpaper and comfy sofas, is perfect for a quick game or a spot of television.

The castle as a whole is just a brilliant place to spend a weekend.

Your guests will absolutely love it.

Fasque Castle Wedding Prices

Fasque Castle Wedding Prices, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

For accurate Fasque Castle wedding prices, you should contact the venue directly.

Their wedding packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

However to give you an approximate Fasque Castle wedding cost:

  • Exclusive use of Fasque Castle (38 people b&b), price £18,000 for 2 nights.

The prices above are for a summer weekend.

Winter and midweek weddings could cost 30% less.

Fasque Castle Conclusion

Fasque Castle Conclusion, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Fasque Castle

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider Fasque Castle as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for opulence and comfort, complete exclusivity, luxury accommodation, and stunning receptions rooms; then Fasque Castle just might be the place for you.

Whilst you are here, you should take a look at some of the other wedding venues in Scotland, featured on White Rose.

You can also find Fasque Castle’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.