Bachilton Barn: 10 Reasons To Choose This Scottish Wedding Venue

Bachilton Barn, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

There are some fantastic barn wedding venues in Scotland, and if you live in Perth and Kinross then Bachilton Barn is definitely worth a look.

It has 4 versatile rooms which can be used in anyway you want, and the most spectacular outdoor ceremony gazebo.

In addition to this there is a lovely pond which is ideal for wedding photographs, or just relaxing and enjoying the Scottish countryside.

Let’s take a closer look at what a Bachilton Barn wedding would be like.

Bachilton Barn Location

Bachilton Barn Location, Wedding Venues Perth And Kinross

There are some lovely wedding venues in Perth and Kinross, especially if you are looking for something in the countryside.

Bachilton Barn is located 10 miles east of Perth, with a journey time of roughly 25 minutes.

Even Stirling and Dundee can be travelled from in less than 45 minutes.

And once you arrive you will find ample onsite parking for your guests.

If you are planning to use large vehicles to transport people around, the entrance road is narrow but coach access is fine.

Bachilton Barn Setting

Bachilton Barn Setting, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

I grew up in Perthshire, and I think this is a really pretty part of Scotland.

You just seem to have endless acres of rolling countryside, and the weather tends to be a bit nicer in the east so you can get outdoors and enjoy it.

Bachilton Barn occupies a nicely secluded spot which makes it very relaxing.

And because it’s an exclusive use wedding venue, it’s also very private.

Just imagine sitting outside with your guests, enjoying the views and the tranquility.

It’s a beautiful spot for a wedding.

Bachilton Barn

Bachilton Barn Barn, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

As the name suggests this is in fact a converted barn, and should be very much thought of as a blank canvas wedding venue.

There are 4 key rooms which are very versatile, and can be used largely in anyway you wish.

They are made up of the: Main Barn (seats 180); Bachilton (seats 144), Cairnies (seats 48), and Lochy (seats 24).

With each of them having their own character, and own unique shape and size.

How you use them will probably depend on the capacity you need, but it’s really nice being able to have a separate space for say your drinks reception and your evening buffet.

There’s also a fully functioning kitchen for the caterers, and of course male and female toilets.

Bachilton Barn Accommodation

Bachilton Barn Accommodation, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Huntingtower Hotel

Sadly you can’t actually stay at Bachilton Barn, however there is no shortage of accommodation in the area.

A short drive back to Perth will provide you with a variety of hotels and B&Bs to suit all tastes and budgets.

The owners of Bachilton have recommended some potential options, and these are as follows:

  • Huntingtower Hotel.
  • Huntingtower Lodges.
  • Mercure Perth Hotel.
  • Premier Inn Perth.

Bachilton Barn Ceremony

Bachilton Barn Ceremony, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

Religious, civil, and humanist ceremonies are all welcome at Bachilton Barn.

The most popular option is to get married outdoors in the wooden gazebo.

Overlooking the private pond and with panoramic vistas, this is a wonderful location.

Should the weather turn against you, it is possible to very quickly relocate to one of the indoor areas.

In this circumstance the Bachilton Room is probably your best choice, with its traditional wooden beams and original stone walls.

It can seat up to 144 people on its solid oak floors, revealing views of the Perthshire hills from its windows.

Bachilton Barn Reception

Bachilton Barn Reception, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

When it comes to your reception, the versatility of Bachilton Barn is going to come in handy.

You could have your drinks reception outdoors, or in the Lochy Room which has French windows leading out into the courtyard.

Then your dinner reception could be had in the Main Barn, which is very much a blank canvas and can seat up to 180 guests.

Finally the Cairnies Room, which is right next to the kitchen, could be used for your evening buffet and as a chill out space.

There really are so many options, that you will have no problem creating something truly unique.

Bachilton Barn Catering

Bachilton Barn Catering, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

The catering is outsourced at Bachilton Barn, and you will have to choose from one of their approved suppliers:

  • Gourlay Caterers.
  • Wild Thyme.
  • Delicious Catering.
  • Big Bite Catering.

Each of them has been selected due to their high quality food and service, and their knowledge of the venue.

Your chosen caterer will also be able to provide bar services.

Bachilton Barn Grounds

Bachilton Barn Grounds, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

The grounds at Bachilton Barn are wonderful, and there are 700 acres of them to explore.

You’ll probably do most of that exploring with your eyes, as you look out over the rolling Perthshire countryside.

However if you wanted to go for a relaxing stroll, then at least you have the option.

When it comes to your wedding photographs, there are numerous lovely outdoor spots to choose from.

The wooden gazebo is especially nice, using Scotlands natural beauty as the backdrop.

Bachilton Barn Unique Feature

Bachilton Barn Pond, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

There is a fantastic pond at Bachilton Barn, which is directly opposite the main building.

It creates a wonderful focal point and really is a very nice feature, especially if you have your ceremony outside.

Assuming the weather is nice, picnic benches can be setup around the pond and your guests can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Now that’s something you don’t get at every wedding venue.

Bachilton Barn Wedding Prices

Bachilton Barn Wedding Prices, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

For accurate Bachilton Barn wedding prices, you should contact the venue directly.

Their wedding packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

However to give you an approximate Bachilton Barn wedding cost:

  • Exclusive use of Bachilton Barn, price £3,750.

The prices above are for a summer weekend.

Winter and midweek weddings could cost less.

Bachilton Barn Conclusion

Bachilton Barn Conclusion, Wedding Venues Scotland

Image Source: Bachilton Barn

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider Bachilton Barn as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for an exclusive use converted barn, nestled in the glorious Perth and Kinross countryside, with a range of versatile reception spaces, and a fantastic outdoor ceremony gazebo; then Bachilton Barn just might be the place for you.

Whilst you are here, you should take a look at some of the other wedding venues in Scotland, featured on White Rose.

You can also find Bachilton Barn’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.