Ardkinglas House: 10 Reasons To Choose This Wedding Venue

Ardkinglas House

The west coast of Scotland is well known for its beauty, and Ardkinglas House occupies a particularly nice part of this landscape.

Still very much a family home, the mansion is rarely open to the public.

However on a few occasions throughout the year, it is possible to get married on this historic estate.

And what would hosting your celebration here be like?

Continue reading for details on what this wedding venue has to offer, in the form of 10 reasons to choose this magnificent place.

Ardkinglas House Location

Ardkinglas House Location

On the west coast but also in the highlands of Scotland.

Ardkinglas House is about as secluded and tranquil as you get.

The location is convenient too, with Glasgow 55 miles and less than 90 minutes away by car.

You approach the mansion through an ancient woodland, which opens up onto sweeping lawns and Loch Fyne.

The setting is one of incredible beauty, with panoramic mountain views.

If you are planning to transport guests by coach, then there is plenty of space available for both drop offs and parking.

Ardkinglas House Exclusive Use

If you are considering a venue like Ardkinglas House, then I will assume privacy is important.

Fortunately this enchanting mansion can be exclusively yours for the entire day.

In fact because it is a private home, all weddings hosted here get exclusive use.

You and your guests will be left in peace, without interruptions from the outside world, to enjoy your special day.

Sounds absolutely perfect to me.

It’s worth mentioning that parts of the estate are open to the public all year round.

However with 4,800 hectares on offer, it’s not likely to be an issue.

Ardkinglas House History

The Ardkinglas Estate has a history that stretches back hundreds of years.

The house itself however, was built in 1907 as a summer home for the wealthy Sir Andrew Noble.

Sir Robert Lorimer was the architect commissioned for the task, and it took him an incredibly short 18 months to complete.

What’s really interesting is, at this point in time highly skilled craftsmanship was still being exercised, but modern technology was just being introduced.

The results were a stunning Victorian manner, with cavity walls, concrete floors, central heating, electricity, the latest sanitary fittings, and even a telephone.

A hydro scheme was also installed to power the building.

In fact the technology was so modern, that the house remains largely unaltered today.

Ardkinglas House

The house itself has quite an unusual layout, in that the reception rooms are on the first floor.

It makes them perfect for your ceremony as they are elevated giving great views, and have large windows meaning lots of light.

Two external staircases also give you great access to the gardens and grounds.

The ground floor includes a gun room, oval study, library and billiard room.

Plus a great number of the rooms are either wood panelled or have beautiful plasterwork.

There are also some lovely open fireplaces.

Such is the beauty of Ardkinglas House, it is often used as a filming location.

Ardkinglas House Ceremony

There are a number of suitable locations for your ceremony, both inside and outside Ardkinglas House.

The mansion is licensed for ceremonies of up to 70 guests, in one of its beautiful reception rooms.

However if you need more space, somewhere on the grounds is possible, as is a marquee.

If you do go for a marquee, your drinks reception can still be had inside the mansion.

Both religious and humanist ceremonies are welcome too.

Kilmorich Church is located just outside the estate and may also be available.

Built in 1820, it has a very unusual octagonal shape, and seating for up to 90 guests.

Ardkinglas House Reception

It is possible to have your dinner reception in the Dining Room at Ardkinglas House.

However your numbers will need to be less than 30, and it’s not an option for late night events.

Best to make use of the mansion for your drinks reception, and put up a marquee on the lawn for dinner.

The site in mind is fully serviced, with water, electricity, and access for caterers.

There is also a rigid walkway over the grass, linking the house to the marquee.

Your capacity is expanded to 200 guests if you choose this option too.

Ardkinglas House Gardens

The Woodland Garden, or The Pinetum as it’s sometimes known, was created around 1875.

It contains an outstanding collection of trees and plants, which includes the ‘mightiest conifer in Europe’.

This conifer is nearly 10 meters in circumference.

Ardkinglas House gardens also has the Abies Grandis, which was for a longtime the tallest tree in Britain.

Planted 135 years ago, it was measured in 2010 at nearly 65 meters in height.

Definitely something you can impress your guests with, as you take a stroll around the beautiful estate.

Ardkinglas House Wedding Photographs

An often overlooked aspect when considering a wedding venue; is it suitable for the creation of stunning images.

Most photographers will look for beautiful landscapes to act as backdrops, and also some interesting and light indoor alternatives, in case it rains.

As you can imagine with its west coast highland location, Ardkinglas House has stunning vistas aplenty.

In addition to this the first floor reception rooms with their large windows, provide beautiful rooms with plenty of light.

You will definitely be making your photographers job that little bit easier.

Ardkinglas House Accommodation

Ardkinglas House is not suitable for accommodating a large number of guests.

But there are plenty of hotels nearby, so it’s not really a problem.

If you do want to stay on the estate, you have the option of the Butlers Quarters, and the Glen Fyne Cottage.

The Butlers Quarters is a self contained apartment within the main house.

It has its own private garden, dining kitchen, cosy living room with log fire, bathroom, and two bedrooms.

It also has beautiful loch views, and can sleep up to 5 people.

The Glen Fyne Cottage, which was originally for unmarried gillies, is simple yet comfortable.

It has a kitchen, living room with wood burning stove, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms.

It’s also surrounded by hills and wild nature, and can sleep up to 4 people and a dog.

Ardkinglas House Estate

The Ardkinglas House Estate is absolutely vast.

It stretches to almost 12,000 acres, which is the equivalent of 14 New York central parks.

The landscape is spectacular, with a mix of mountains, forests, and lochs.

And there is so much to do and see, especially if you like walking, mountain biking, and spotting wildlife.

You could bag a Munro, or perhaps spot the large population of red squirrels.

Even basking sharks can be seen in the loch.

Ok so you’re probably not going to do any of this on your wedding day, but could be ideal for a nostalgic return visit.

Ardkinglas House Conclusion

So those are my 10 reasons you should consider Ardkinglas House as your wedding venue.

Of course everybody has different tastes and opinions.

However if you are looking for west coast highland beauty, in close proximity to Glasgow, with complete privacy and exclusivity, and gardens with record breaking trees; then Ardkinglas House just might be the place for you.

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You can also find Ardkinglas House’s website here.

Good luck with your wedding planning.